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Biography of Ralph unusual

Ralph unusual Biography

Basic Information:
- Name: Ralph unusual
- Date of Birth: 6/6/2002
- Place of Birth: Deltq
- Nationality: Nigeria


Ralph unusual is an upcoming musician, Actor, Fashion model, He hails anochia north local government area, a native of animal This young man started his music career when he was only 13, he won awards in his school as a great rapper and actor
Ralph unusual continued his career if becoming a great musician and actor in Nigeria but wish to expand to the United states. However  Ralph unusual actual family name is ANAZIA from anochia north local government  area, a native of anioma.
He started his life of music and acting at a very young age. Ralph unusual was only 13 when he stepped into rapping, acting, and fashion industry with his bestfriend TIANA GRANDE.His personal style and ambitions comes from within him and his mentor ; Dax, cardi b, nicki Minaj, amandalla stenberg, 6ix 9ine, and so on, each of the name mentioned helped him in every area of who he wants to become when he achieves his goal.
Today his well known and practiced musician and actor by his friends and little fame he made himself on social media, he awaits fame and works hard so the world can see his actual talents and make good use of it, he talks alot about the music, acting and fashion industry and possibilities. 
His also a media personality who sees himself as an inspiration who see himself as an inspiration of young people to follow  their dreams and never give up. His current project which is to make his first hit in music with his bestfriend will help open door for him, but he is still working hard on lot of ideas that he Hope's will one day become reality.

Work experience:
As a student whose dream is to become famous and utilize my talents... I have a little experience on writing music and acting.... growing up, I watched actors and musicians expand with their  good ideas... watching lot a movies and listening to music, I have experience on them, it's a born talent in me... I was once social prefect in lumen Christi private school,asava  delta, Nigeria...

Educational history:
I've studied in one school throughout my life and that school is lumen Christi private school, asaba, delta, Nigeria and aspiring to place for admission in Nnamdi azikiwe university Nigeria.

Skill summary:
I'm good at dancing 
I'm good at writing music 
I'm good at rapping
I'm good at acting
I'm practically good at anything concerning art

Height: 6

Weight: 70kg

Introduction Video:


Instagram: Mosthatedralph

Twitter: Ralph unusual

Other: Ralph unusual


What do you like doing in your spare time?
Writing music

Who is your inspiration?
My bestfriend and my brother

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

What is your favorite food?
Moi moi and pap

What is your favorite sport?
Table tennis

What is your favorite movie?
Sex education

What is your favorite song?
My heart hurts by Dax

What is your dream?
To became a famous musician and actor and make my mom proud of me and prove wrong to those who think I don't I wont make it

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