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Biography of Remmy chisala


Remmy chisala Biography


Basic Information:

- Name: Remmy chisala

- Date of Birth: 6,04,199

- Place of Birth: Kawambwa

- Nationality: Zambia


Am Remmy chisala,I was born in the year of 1999,in kawambwa I grew up from kawambwa ,I started my education when I was with 5years I was a young boy with a dream of becoming a doctor then after that ,we are 6 on our Family and am the only boy , been alone it's not easy it made me to work hard because I have a lot of people who depends on me,this year of 2020 I became a well recognize physician,I did interprenuership an marketing..and I have a lot to achieve in life ...

Work experience:

Actually I would say I haven't been working that much in industry been around with different people I have been a person who is being experienced allot of things in the community and I have been working so that I can achieve all my dreams,and I do appreciate to people who have been pushing me to work had an they always taught me how to associate with different kinds of people,and I have work with different types of people with didfdiffe chalacchar,but I have been being infuenced from being a good citizen of zambZa

Educational history:

I started grade one at Ntulo best school until I wrote my exams in 2014,from there I went to a secondary school at kawambwa Centrl school in 2017...

Skill summary:

I have been a better a Citizen thriuththe support of people ,I know is not easy for me to do everything I have been doing with theys no support from.the people

Height: 6.7m

Weight: 68kg

Introduction Video: 




Other: Facebook



What do you like doing in your spare time?

Listen to music

Who is your inspiration?

Being a successful business man

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend

What is your favorite food?

Nshima and katapa

What is your favorite sport?


What is your favorite movie?

Kindreds heart

What is your favorite song?

Davido nwa baby

What is your dream?

Being a birrioner  

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