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Biography of Rocking Star Rahul

Rocking Star Rahul Biography


Basic Information:

- Name: Rocking Star Rahul

- Date of Birth: 16/September/2004

- Place of Birth: Gordhowa Mahrajganj Up

- Nationality: Rocking Star Rahul


Rahul Kumar Gupta ( Born 16 September 2004 ) Gordhowa Mahrajganj utter predesh.

School:- D . R . S. k Pachrukhiya Tiwari Dharmpur Mrj Father ( Omprakash Gupta) (Suneeta Devi ) The Hope Classes Dharmpur High School Passed .M.D.P.S.School Pipra Khadar Mahrajganj

Work experience:

Speek ( My First Time Is Delhi Out Of Utter Predesh ) Grand Father :- Sri  Ramharkh Gupta ( Deth 3 March 2020) Prabhawti Devi ( Deth 5 March 2015)

Educational history:

I Am Indian Actor My Dreem Is No Public 

Tik Tok Star @rahulzzzz143 

I Am Going To india Get (24 October 2020)

And Sansad Bhawan And Enjoy To Delhi 

Skill summary:

Published &- Father work :- Farmer And Grandfather Farmer And 

Medical Student s 

District Kabbadi Championship 2020 

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 60 kg

Introduction Video:


Twitter: Twitter app · Installed Rocking Star Rahul (@rahul_zzzz) | Twitter

Other: › @rahul_zzzz143 Web results ROCKING STAR RAHUL (@rahul_zzzz143) TikTok | Watch ...



What do you like doing in your spare time?


Who is your inspiration?

I Love My India

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?


What is your favorite food?

Farmer Food's

What is your favorite sport?


What is your favorite movie?

South Indian Movies

What is your favorite song?

Hindi Song , Punjabi Song

What is your dream?


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