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Biography of SteadyGabe Liambee


SteadyGabe Liambee Biography


Basic Information:

- Name: SteadyGabe Liambee

- Date of Birth: 17 October 1999

- Place of Birth: Benue state

- Nationality: Nigeria



Gabriel Tersur Liambee Mbashinnya Malu (Born October,1999) in Vandeikya, Benue state Nigeria Better known by his stage name SteadyGabe, is a Nigerian singer , songwriter.

He is from the Tiv ethnic group in northern part of Benue state nigNige

Work experience:

Music Career

SteadyGabe started singing at very tender age with his age mate.

Miming traditional singers like Golozo Obadiah etc and Nigerian Singer like 2face Idibiah African China and Zule zoo.

However, the young talented singer move to Makurdi and join His aunty Abigail Malu music label (in 2016) after one year Abigail Malu died (in 2017) SteadyGabe departed from the group to jumpstart his solo career.He began to record collaboration with fellow up and coming artist his first appearance in an unreleased music video by Abigail Malu ft Mike Zule zoo.

Educational history:

He obtained first school leaving certificate at quality secondary school Vandeikya, Benue state. He enrolled at Benue state college of education Katsina ala Where He is currently pursuing his certificate in Nigerian certificate in educational (Nce)

Skill summary:

In music SteadyGabe Sing with many Nigerian artist like Rapizo Chris Gideon etc.

Height: 5 ft 5

Weight: 69

Introduction Video:

Other: Facebook



What do you like doing in your spare time?

Writing Songs

Who is your inspiration?


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?


What is your favorite food?

Pounded fufu

What is your favorite sport?


What is your favorite movie?

Age is just a number

What is your favorite song?

Wizkid I love you my baby

What is your dream?

Ts sing with davido and Wizkid 

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