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Submit Your Biography


See those people who have profile/biography in YAADb?

Do you want to be like them?

Go submit your biography at YAADb!


1. Age above 18 years old.

2. Don't have a profile on any website (Wikipedia, IMDb, Backstage, etc).

3. Attach your best photo.


1. You must agree if your biography will be posted on this website.

2. You must understand that data such as your date of birth, your profession, your social media, and everything listed on the form - will most likely be read by the public.

3. You can request to EDIT your biography or even DELETE your biography, by sending a message via email:

4. You should know we only have a Facebook Fanpage ( and a Pinterest Page ( Beyond that, it's not ours!

5. If someone contacts you on our behalf - via Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram or other channels - it's definitely NOT US!

If you are interested in submitting your profile, please use the form below:

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